The Maestro

Maestro Domenico Mileto

After receiving his diploma from the Istituto Statale d'Arte in Florence, and attending the Accademia d'Arte Richard Ginori in Sesto Fiorentino with passion and commitment, he undertook his artistic experience with his own studio when still quite young. Spurred by the desire to achieve artistic perfection, long hard work has won him prestigious awards and important commissions.
He thus created important works of art including five paintings for the Ferragamo family palazzo, becoming the family portraitist. He has also painted portraits of important figures in the entertainment and sports worlds, of major figures of industry and the aristocracy. He is presently working on an important portrait for the Curia which will hang inside the Church of Santa Croce in Florence, alongside the celebrated works of art by the greatest artists of history..


Some of my Paintings




Overview and Philosophy

...from a dark and materialistic period, the Accademia d'Arte dell'Arcimboldo purposes to concretely reawaken the student's innate talent, shaping it and leading him to the utmost degree of artistic perfection.

Art in the Renaissance

The period that unfolded in Florence from the second half of the XIV century until the XVI century, marking a veritable rebirth from a dark and materialistic past. This "rebirth" enjoyed an extraordinary diffusion and continuity. Not

From Classicism to Hyperrealism

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