Overview and Philosophy
Just as the Renaissance marked a veritable rebirth
...from a dark and materialistic period, the Accademia d'Arte dell'Arcimboldo purposes to concretely reawaken the student's innate talent, shaping it and leading him to the utmost degree of artistic perfection.

Michelangelo believed that the statue with all of its details was already contained inside the block of marble, and that the artist's task was to remove the excess material that kept it imprisoned. Maestro Domenico Mileto considers people in the same way. That is why he has exhaustively researched ancient art, to discover the methods used in the Renaissance botteghe where students did not go for pleasure, but to learn a trade.

Along this not always smooth path, he discovered the essential and indispensable elements to remove the superfluous that prevents the artist from expressing his full capabilities. This unique and special method is capable of discovering and forging the abilities of the Being, leading him to the attainment of the utmost potential in his Art.
The only prerequisite is passion.

By passion, we do not mean a simple quirk or fondness but, instead, a intimately felt and desired goal. Passion generates the dedication and commitment necessary for one's evolution.

The extremely effective method the Accademia proposes helps the student break free of the defects and mannerisms that imprison or distract his true talent, helping him focus and increase his perceptions to the point that he feels himself master of the work he is creating.

Our entire staff firmly believes in the need to create capable and professional artists who are of help and stimulus for all of society, as they are the ones who imagine the future and stir people to dream and be moved.
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