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Residential Tenancies Act Cases,
cards aganist humanity

16 reviewed a random sampling of landlord tenant disputes from the past three years,
crimes against humanity card game, comparing cases involving “hoarding” or excessive clutter with ones citing tenants with other disabilities. In all cases involving “hoarding” or excessive clutter,
cardsagainst humanity, the ruling was either “tenancy terminated” or “clean up or tenancy terminated”. In all other disability related cases, tenants were awarded “relief from eviction”. Disability is protected under the Human Rights Code. In May, hoarding was recognized by the DSM V, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, which could mean better outcomes for tenants who hoard and are facing eviction. Below are the results from 16X9′s sampling.

Read more: One Man Treasure Admitted hoarder. Trying to get into program with St. Joseph Mental Health hospital. Clothes, food, electronics, toys, trash and dirt. Health and fire hazard.

“Grossly unsanitary.” Complaints, no change in condition of unit. “Diogenes syndrome” aka senile squalor syndrome. Brings food and garbage from outside and hoards it in apartment.

Argument: seriously impaired the safety of any person in the residential complex

“the risks posed by the amount of excessive combustible possessions.” Multiple warnings,
cards against humainty. “The tenant would appear to have a serious undiagnosed and untreated mental illness.”

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