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Agreed. Better to trim the portfolio by selling stocks that have run past what fundamentals seem to justify for example, Paychex is a good company with a nice dividend,
cards for humanity, but at its present PE.? Selling means paying Federal and state tax on gains and losing dividends, and I’m far from certain that the market will drop by 20% anytime soon. The market is not yet in the stratosphere, but high enough that it’s hard to find bargains, so caution is called for. Instead of reinvesting dividends I’m paying down the loan on my daughter’s house and paying grand children’s college tuition. When Janet turns off the spigot and the market corrects I’ll go back to buying DGI stocks. And in the meantime, I’ll sleep well at night.

Jul 26 01:03 PMAlex,
cards against humanity free download, one very important indication of a company’s success and, therefore, a reason to invest, is that they are packed with lines of customers waiting to be served! MCD has been a great long term investment for us, the dividends increasing every year. You say you don’t believe in buy and hold. When you sell the taxman takes a minimum of 15% of your gains, and the dividend you were receiving on that 15% is gone forever. Are you sure that you can reinvest the cash remaining in some company growing fast enough to make up that loss and then do better than the stock you sold?

Jul 5 11:36 AMIt’s easy to gripe about pricing and forget the reality of Hep C victims. Back in the ’90′s a gentleman we knew, a nice guy with a family, had a blood transfusion during a routine gall bladder operation and contracted Hep C. We visited him in the hospital; the doctors gave him six months to live. Four months later, we attended his funeral. So yes,
cards against humanity price?, long on GILD!If any company could develop a pill to reverse my husband’s cardiac disease I’d pay anything they asked, and count it worth the cost. Keep government out of pricing so that Pharma can accelerate research and hopefully, one day,
cards againt humanity?, turn back the clock for all of us.

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